Après 2 ans de travail, de patchs et de versions WIP, Meka v0.72 est enfin disponible.

What’s new?
– First of all, the video system was converted to use hi-color modes (no more palettized/indexed mode, welcome to the 21th century!), effectively increasing compatibility and glitches with newer video hardware, overally simplifying development, and allowing proper emulation of advanced palette effects on the Game Gear. The blitter system was also improved in various ways, with simplified configuration and default setting more friendly to today’s computers.
– Various minor emulation issues were fixed, including cases crashing the emulator, extended 224 lines video mode and Z80 and ColecoVision interruptions behaviours.
– As for the interface, the theming system configuration style was revamped and new shortcuts were added to aid quick manipulation in debugging sessions (CTRL-F4, CTRL-TAB).
– Development tools were given a huge boost in this version. Added line history. Added conditional breakpoints. Added display line event breakpoints/watchpoints. Added SET commands to modify registers. Added the possibility to spawn multiple memory editors. Added a CLOCK commands to assist timing code. Added edition of VDP registers. Added a brand new tilemap viewer, with various filters and information display, etc.
– And generally various tweaks and fixes as well as portability improvements.

La liste complète des nouveautés est disponible ici.

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