Mr. Do a encore posté de nouveaux Artworks.

What’s New – May 27, 2007

Thanks to Aaron’s recently finished Astrocade rewrite, Sea Wolf II is now a reality. If you’d like to read about my comedy-like effort to get thing in the first place, click here.

Sea Wolf II is done, complete with lamps. Thanks to jcroach for vectoring the periscope piece, and Mark B. from Surfside Music and Collectibles for putting up with me and giving me the time to scan everything. The full periscope piece is on the Other Artwork page for prosperity purposes.

Armored Car is also done, thanks to Timothy at Outerworld Arcade.

And thanks to the BYOAC/CAG artwork, we have a bezel for Marvel vs. Super Heroes. Note that this version is cropped, though; the full bezel is bigger. I’d still like to find one if I can. Also added in the JPN instruction cards, snagged from CPS2Shock.

And a minor note: I left out some credit in Discs of Tron. You can download a replacement LAY file at the artwork page.

I need to work on Space Encounters now; I’ve been stalling for too long =P