Misfit a releasé une nouvelle version de son MiSFiTMAME. A télécharger ici.

Voici les changements :


Source changes

Fixed many CPS1 games.

Fixed all the Playchoice-10 games, and added 8 new ones.

Standardised rom names to avoid ClrMamePro complaints.

Added another 20 MGD2 sets (29 in total).

Added some games with builtin high-score support (marked with [h]).

Added driver for 93c66 serial nvram device.

Increased visible area of warofbug due to text clipped on right-hand side.

Added nvram to Minesweeper, this fixes the problem with best times.

Fixed matrimbl.

Add missing proms to centipede / millipede hacks.

Updated the FAQ.

Updates to neogeo driver:
- Remove all NO_DELTAT_REGION as it does nothing
- Remove loading of encrypted m1's as it is meaningless for hacks
- Replace empty SFIX regions with #define statements
- Add new machine driver to replace hacky screen resizing function

Games Removed (they are in MAME)
1942, amidar, aof3, arkretrn, asteroid, astrob, astrof
baddudes, bagman, bangbead, blktiger, boxingb, breakers
brubber, cclimber, cleopatr, crush, diggerma, exerion
fatfursp, fightfev, ffight, galaxian, gaunt2, gekirido
gemini, gtg, gyrodine, karnovr, kicker, kizuna, landmakr
liquidk, magdrop3, mario, miexchng, mooncrst, mpatrol
mslug, orlegend, pang, pbobble, pbobble2, pickin, pnickj
puzzledp, ragnagrd, rbff1, rygar, s1945p, savagere
shocktr2, spacduel, shollow, tetris, trackfld, tron
viewpoin, volfied, wakuwak7

Games Added
2020bb, alpham2, androdun, aof, bstars, burningf, crsword, cyberlip, fatfury1 (MGD2)
gpilots, joyjoy, lresort, ncombat, roboarmy, sengoku, socbrawl, superspy, trally (MGD2)
sengoku2, wh1 (MGD2)

kf2k2evo (King of Fighters 2002 - Evolution)
kf2k2ori (King of Fighters 2002 - Orochi's Iori Remixed)
kf2k2ru (king of Fighters 2002 - Remix Ultra)
kf2k2xxx (King of Fighters 2002 - Perfect revised version)
kf99revo (King of Fighters '99 - Christmas Revolution)
kof2k1b3 (King of Fighters 2001 - Bloodlust)
kof2k2rs (King of Fighters 2002 - Iori Special Remix)
kof2kgbh (King of Fighters 2000 - Boss Hack: Gold Color Edition)
kof97ne (King of Fighters '97 - Remixed)
kof99sp (King of Fighters '99 - Super Plus)
labld2pl (Last Blade 2 - Plus)
lastbl2b (Last Blade 2 - Boss Hack)
matrimbl (Matrimelee bootleg)
rbff2fc (Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 - Enable Alfred v3 & Color Fix)
wh2ey (World Heroes 2 - Boss, PPX hack, remixed)

absurd (Absurd! / QuadBlok)
chtpac3d (Pacman-3D [c])
exerionj (Exerion - Japanese "Genuine" version)
galbug (Galaxians / War-of-Bug multigame)
galnamco (Galaxians)
hmpopeye (Hangly-Popeye) [sirscotty]
kgpe (Kingdom Grand Prix - Neill Corlett)
nrallyv (New Rally-X Vertical) [sirscotty]
spclone (Salamander Version YY)
splatsc1 (Splat! for Williams SC1 hardware)
tst_wow (Wizard of Wor Test Rom)
tst_galx (Fixed Galaxian Test Rom)
tst_gorf (Gorf Test Rom)
tst_gor1 (Gorf Memory Test)
tst_frog (Frogger Sound Test)
videight (Video Eight - 8in1 multigame)

pc_ark (Arkanoid)
pc_cch (Circus Charlie)
pc_dk (Donkey Kong)
pc_dk3 (Donkey Kong 3)
pc_galag (Galaga)
pc_gyrus (Gyruss)
pc_pacm (Pacman)
pc_skykd (Sky Kid)

cps1frog (Frog Feast cps1 - Rastersoft)
ngfrog (Frog Feast neogeo - Rastersoft)
pgmfrog (Frog Feast pgm - Rastersoft)

bmbjckhs (Bombjack [h])
btimehs (Burger Time - DataEast [h])
btimemhs (Burger Time - Midway [h])
ckonghs (Crazy Kong [h])
dcast1hs (Mr Do's Castle (set 1) [h])
dcast2hs (Mr Do's Castle (set 2) [h])
dcastohs (Mr Do's Castle (older) [h])
dkjrhs (Donkey Kong Junior [h])
dkonghs (Donkey Kong [h])
froghs (Frogger [h])
mrdohs (Mr. Do! [h])
mappyhs (Mappy (US) [h])
mappyjhs (Mappy (Japan) [h])
pengohs (Pengo [h])
reacths (Reactor [h])
supachs (Super Pacman [h])

f3demo (Demo for Taito F3 [NOT WORKING])
wmg (Williams 6in1 Multigame [NOT WORKING])

My hacks
This section is dedicated to my very unofficial changes.

jumpbug (with more sounds)