Nouvelle version béta pour cet émulateur d’Amiga.

– JIT on/off switching via uae-configuration re-enables direct mode This time it really should work as designed.
– video recording sound pitch change fix (side-effects possible..)
– random FPU fixes from Aranym (which btw, isn’t feature complete either, at least float to integer clamping is missing)
– rom scanner uses SHA-1 now (instead of CRC32)
– archive as a harddrive emulation. Data is decompressed on the fly. Only directory tree is allocated in memory during mount-phase. « file not found error » will be returned if decompression fails (corrupt archive?) Already decompressed files will be left in memory (memory is cheap, repeated decompression can be slow)
– archive support completely rewritten (memory/file leaks possible) Recursive decompression possible (not yet enabled and not fully implemented), not sure if I enable it later or not.. (would enable transparent archives inside archives inside archives etc..)
– work in progress (this is really crazy idea..): xfd (Amiga decompression library) slave library support via separate 68k emulation instance Crazy or very stupid idea, not sure yet.. It would enable full transparent decompression support of nearly every Amiga compression format..
– built-in lha/lzh archive support added
– built-in lzx archive support added (store mode not supported yet)
– « add directory/archive » harddrives: only path is mandatory, volume name (if left empty) is automatically generated from selected path
– added « add archive » harddrive type. Single plain file also accepted.
– real harddrive « safety check » system changed, now all drives are listed (and marked as empty,non-empty or RDB) but drive is not mounted if safety check is not disabled and drive is non-empty.
– disable « add harddrive » on vista without full admin privileges
– harddisk panel directory and archive dragndrop added
– included beta updated rtg.library, fully enables >1024 pixel wide bitmaps (including acceleration), obsoletes picasso96fix. (BR)

Télécharger WinUAE (Public Beta) [32 bits] v4.0.0 Beta 3 (3,7 Mo)

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