ScummVM est une implémentation du moteur SCUMM (Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion) utilisé dans plusieurs jeux LucasArts comme Monkey Island ou Day of the Tentacle. Pour rappel, les jeux d’aventure LucasArts utilisaient SCUMM (jusqu’à Grim Fandango, même si Grim en utilise une version très modifiée), et les jeux Revolution Software (Beneath a Steel Sky, Broken Sword 1 & 2) utilisaient un tout autre système, tout comme Flight of the Amazon Queen.
Mais si ScummVM porte ce nom, c’est parce que le support des jeux de Revolution (et de Flight of the Amazon Queen) est plus récent et n’a été possible que grâce au concours des développeurs des jeux en question. ScummVM n’a longtemps supporté que les jeux à base de SCUMM d’ou son nom. En résumé il s’agit donc d’une sorte d’émulateur du moteur d’origine de chez LucasArts et plus encore !!

New Games:
– Added Cinematique evo 1 engine. Currently only Future Wars is supported.
– Added Touche: The Adventures of the Fifth Musketeer engine.
– Added support for Gobliins 2.
– Added support for Simon the Sorcerer’s Puzzle Pack.
– Added support for Ween: The Prophecy.
– Added support for Bargon Attack.
– Added Sierra AGI engine.
– Added support for Goblins 3.
– Added Parallaction engine. Currently only Nippon Safes Inc. is supported.

– Added dialog which allows the user to select the GUI theme on runtime.
– Added ‘Mass Add’ feature to the Launcher, which allows you to scan for
all games in all subdirectories of a given directory (to use it, press
shift then click on « Add Game »).
– Improved the way the auto detector generates target names, it now takes
a game’s variant, language and platform into account.
– Improved compression for DXA movies.
– Keyboard repeat is now handled in a centralized way, rather than on a
case-by-case basis. (Simply put, all engines now have keyboard repeat.)

Broken Sword 1:
– Added support for DXA cutscenes.
– Added support for Macintosh version.

Broken Sword 2:
– Added support for DXA cutscenes.
– Added « fast mode » (use Ctrl-f to toggle).

– Added support for Amiga versions.
– Fixed some sound glitches.

– Added support for non-interactive demos of HE games (CUP).
– Improved A/V syncing in SMUSH videos (affects Dig, FT, COMI).
– Improved speed of the NES sound code.
– Fixed many (sometimes serious) actor walking issues, specifically
in Zak McKracken and Maniac Mansion, by rewriting the walking code
for these games.
– Fixed several other issues.
– Added support for DXA movies playback in HE games.

– Renamed Simon engine to AGOS.

– Added support for FM-Towns version (both English and Japanese).

– Fixed long-standing font bug. We were using the control panel font for
LINC space and terminals, and the LINC font in the control panel. This
caused many character glitches (some of which we used to work around) in
LINC space and terminals, particularly in non-English languages.

Nintendo DS Port:
– New engines supported: AGI, CINE, and SAGA
– Option to show the mouse cursor
– Word completion on keyboard for AGI games
– Plenty of optimisations

Symbian Port:
– Added support for MP3 to S60v3 and UIQ3 versions.
– Switched to SDL 1.2.11 for bug fixes and improvements
– Improved performance for S60v3 and UIQ3 using ARM target.
– Limited support for pre Symbian OS9 devices due to compiler issues.
– Updated key mapping handling.

WinCE Port:
– Switched to using a GCC toolchain for building.
– Major update to the SDL lib. Better, faster, more compatible 🙂
The included fixes are too numerous to mention here.
Most of the updates in this version have concentrated on infrastructure.
This leads to faster execution, greatly increased compatibility and
OS friendliness – especially for keyboard/mouse input and display
handling (f.ex. no more popups during gameplay) -.

Windows Port
– The default location of the config file changed, to support multi-user

PalmOS Port:
– Now using PalmOS Porting SDK which enables use of the C standard library

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