Et voilà, Elsemi vient de releasé la seconde version du premier émulateur du système CPS-3 de Capcom.

I’ve fixed some problems in the emulation:

– Color palettes seem right now
– Fullscreen Zoom
– Sprite Zoom
– Linescroll

The priorities have improved but they aren’t fully right yet (mainly in jojo games).
Shadow/alpha is still missing.
Linezoom is missing, but I haven’t found a single place where it’s used.
Sean stage in sf3ng doesn’t crash now, but shows garbage in the bg.

I’ve added an entry to the ini so you can switch the region (except for
warzard that it won’t boot unless region is Asia)

I’ve also tried to fix some problems that people were having with
some old and integrated graphics chipsets. Probably some problems
have been fixed, but there might still be some around.
You can now also try to fix the renderer to the vsync of your monitor
with an option in the ini file (ForceSync).

* CPS3 Emulator Test Version 2. This package includes both the normal and MultiCPU versions exes.
If you have graphics problems and are using the MultiCPU version, try with the standard version

UPDATE: I’ve noticed that I disabled the image filtering in fullscreen. I’ve updated the package with an exe that works like the old version
you can get the unfiltered version by setting FilterTilemaps=0 in the ini.

L’interface est bien celle de M2Emulator, ce qui était plus que logique
On part sur une base saine 🙂

Télécharger CPS-3 Emulator 1.0a (553,4 Ko)

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