Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de Sega Saturn dont voici les changements:

– Added functions for dumping individual slots to wav files.
– Fixed SCU execution speed
– Added DVDNTL/DVDNTH mirrors
– Added overflow interrupt
– Added function for displaying vdp1 textures for debugging
– Other bug fixes
– Added more RBG0 debug info
– Added a core system for m68k and a c68k core interface.
– Added a dummy m68k core based on old yabause code, working enough to boot the bios.
emulated bios:
– Registers are now reset correctly
– Fixed bug in BiosSetSh2Interrupt
– Added Read/Write Save support
– Added undocumented CD Authentication function
opengl video core:
– RBG0 bug fixes
– Rotation Screen improvements
software video core:
– Added 32 BPP cell draw mode
bsd port:
– Added support for OpenBSD
linux port:
– Fixed the segfault that occured when opening the preferences dialog.
– Added texture display in vdp1 debug dialog
– Other GUI improvements
macos port:
– Added browse button for bios setting
– Other bug fixes
windows port:
– Fixed a bug that was causing sound to not work on some people’s computers.
– Added texture display in vdp1 debug dialog
– Added window/full screen resizing
– Added full screen on startup
– Settings changed to use tabs instead of what was previously used
– Other bug fixes
– Logging now is done to a logging window when DEBUG is defined while compiling.
– Added cheat dialog
– Added memory editor
– Added Visual C++ project file
– Added Cheat support. Largely untested.

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