Hercules est le seul émulateur System/370, ESA/390, & z/Architecture disponible. Version Native.

* Prebuilt Cygwin binary no longer supplied; building Cygwin version from source still supported (Jay Maynard)
* New system features: Compare-and-Swap-and-Store, Conditional SSKE, Decimal Floating Point, Floating Point Support Enhancement (Roger Bowler)
* Extract CPU Time Facility (Jan Jaeger)
* Multiple Logical Channel Subsystems Facility (Jan Jaeger, Ivan Warren)
* 3590 tape support (David « Fish » Trout)
* 3990-6 control unit and ECKD support (Greg Smith)
* Many performance improvements (Greg Smith, Ivan Warren, Jan Jaeger)
* Many emulation fixes (Greg Smith, Roger Bowler, Ivan Warren, David « Fish » Trout, Kevin Leonard, Peter Coghlan)
* Major SCSI tape fixes (David « Fish » Trout)
* Added floating point instructions CGER, CGDR and CGXR (Bernard van der Helm)
* Address range options for instruction trace and step (Greg Smith)
* Update gpr registers via panel command (David « Fish » Trout)
* Console connection keep-alive (David « Fish » Trout)
* Customizable 3270 connection screen (Ivan Warren)
* dasdconv quiet and stdin options (Roger Bowler)
* Hercules Automatic Operator (Bernard van der Helm, David « Fish » Trout)
* Enhanced symbol substitution (Leland Lucius, Enrico Sorichetti, David « Fish » Trout)
* Miscellaneous new panel commands: qd (Greg Smith), fpc, traceopt (Roger Bowler), logopt (Kevin Leonard), cd, pwd, timerint, defsym (David « Fish » Trout)

Télécharger Hercules (x86) v3.12 (2,0 Mo)

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