Nouvelle version de l’émulateur CPS-3 de Elsemi. Plus de build Multi-thread à présent car il y avait des problèmes d’affichages et de toute façon tout les microprocesseurs HT ou DC ont assez de puissances pour lancer le build normal sans aucun problème.

New features emulated:
Palette fadein/out
Sean stage special tile compression
Proper sprite/tilemap alignment
Proper priority handling

The CPS3 emulation is almost complete. Only the shadow/blending
emulation is missing. There is a preliminary emulation for it
that works partially with the shadows, but is not correct in some
other places (warzard sword effects for example).

I’ve added savestates support. To make a savestate, first select
the slot with CTRL+number (in the main keyboard, not in the keypad)
then press F11 twice (it’s done that way so you don’t accidentally
delete a working state). To load a savestate, select the slot and
then press F10.

I’ve added an option to set a custom fullscreen resolution in the
.ini file (FullScreenWidth,FullScreenHeight). You must enable
it setting Video->Fullscreen Resolution->Custom. Using a resolution
that is not supported by your video card will cause the emulator to

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