Il s’agit d’un excellent émulateur Game Boy Advance / Nintendo DS. Pour les développeurs en herbe, vous pouvez vous procurer la version payante incluant un fabuleux debugger.

– web: updated (with NDS and e-Reader source) (additionally to GBA)
– web: uploaded hotmail.htm (hotmail is deleting ALL emails that I am sending)
– web: updated package (using new bmp/raw/bin/ori/plus directives)
– ereader/a22i/japan: uses 8bit/16bit charset depending on invalid 8bit chars
– ereader/help: notes on non-vpk mode, and on z80-wait-opcodes, 5bit-card types
– ereader/a22i/jap/ori: inserts dummy-sub-titles, and z80-stub to start gba-code
– ereader/a22i: .ereader_create_bmp/raw/bin .ereader_japan_ori/plus directives
– debug: supports vert_splitter for code/stack sizing (instead outer-edges only)
– ereader/loader: supports multi/single .raw/.bin files (auto-converted to bmp)
– no$fmw: fixed dtcm/pal/oam zerofill init (memory wasn’t mapped/enabled there)
– gui: added OFN_ENABLESIZING to all filemenues (win98 and up; ignored by win95)
– ereader/a22i: also creates RAW dotcode (multi-strip) (all strips in 1 file)
– debug: adjusts small-gamescreen size in nds-mode (256×192 instead of 240×160)
– bios-clone: 80×86-mode redirects nds-callback/gba-sound to rom-image (if any)
– gui: defaults .hlp window-width to correct 80 columns (not more, not less)

Télécharger No$GBA (Gaming version / Dos) v2.9 (201,0 Ko)

Télécharger No$GBA (Gaming version / Windows) v2.9 (206,0 Ko)

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