Un émulateur de Commodore Plus 4.

* many improvements in the TV emulation; to enable all the new features, use OpenGL mode and set the display quality to 3 (requires OpenGL 2.0 or newer and shader support)
* added a tedmon-like monitor to the debugger; it supports all the commands, including assemble, but there are also some improvements and additional features (use ? to print the list of commands, or ? N for help on command N)
* it is now possible to set breakpoints on TED video positions in the debugger
* trace command in the monitor for logging CPU instructions to a text file; when debugging the main CPU, the TED video position at the first cycle of each opcode is also logged
* the file I/O ROM module now also includes a tape turbo; to enable it, set $0647 to $17, $27, $37, or $47 to select speed (from slowest to fastest), and use device 7 when saving
* tape playback and recording can be sent to the sound output
* the RAM startup pattern has been made configurable
* various bug fixes

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