Nouvelle version pour ce frontend multi-émulateurs arcades dont voici les changements:

.fixed: Show/hide tool bar button in auto game info (image preview area) was not working … games popup menu, « Game Documents » menu item

.fixed: When changing user description in favorite profile without changing the filename, a message saying that the filename already exists appears

.changed: User favorites profiles have some changes:
-> User description is stored inside « ini_filesfavoritesfavfile.el » files, under « fav_username » entry

-> The « [Favorites] » section in « Emuloader.ini » is gone, and only the user filename is stored now, in « [Preferences] » section, « FavoritesFileName » entry

-> File « ini_filesfavorites.ini » is not used anymore

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will have to define user descriptions again. Please go to
« Favorites – Profile Editor » for that

.removed: Some more icons

.added: Support for MAME 0.117u2 (file « ini_filesios_overwrite.ini » is no longer needed)

Télécharger Emuloader v8.4.7 (9,7 Mo)

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