Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de Nec Pc Engine dont voici les changements:

– The operation timing of CD-DA(CD sound source) play processing was brought
close to a real machine. In « Double Dragon II », « Kisou Louga », « 3×3 Eyes »,
« Laplace no Ma » and « Linda Cube », etc., the timing of « Sound and picture »
has improved. Perhaps, all the games might have become similar.
– Operation speed & timing of CPU has been elaborately adjusted. The
following effect existed.
– In the last stage of « Akumajou Dracula X », when going up the stairs, the
problem that had been uncommonly occasionally freezed (generated from a
recent version) was solved.
– In « Wizardry I&II », the problem that the status display part had shaken
(generated from a recent version) was solved.
– In the start demo of « Necros no Yousai », « The attack scene of Amazon
dashes out only by one frame » was reproduced.
– In the opening scene of « Shin Megami Tensei », the problem that the
screen sometimes fell into disorder by one frame occasionally was
– In « Wizardry V », the trouble to which the enemy character had not been
displayed (generated from v1.15) was corrected.
– Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

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