Cette version de Mupen64 utilise le module kaillera pour jouer avec vos jeux en réseau.

Quoi de neuf depuis la v0.6:

– resumed development due to user challenge
– cleaned up GUI
– fixed bug regarding game list not displaying correctly
– online recording/offline playback works
– recording to avi at full speed
– supports goldeneye hacked roms
– fixed bug where a different rom would load in kaillera even though it wasn’t the one selected to play
– updated SupraclientCPPE to final version
– improved performance of online play
– recording avi from current play & recording from movie file
– better chat callback
– displays CRC for speed benchmark and simple debugging
– wrote a custom movie file format .mkr (Mupen64K Recording)
– tons of new little features

+ un site internet dédié.

Télécharger Mupen64k v0.8 (4,7 Mo)

Site Officiel

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