VICE n’est pas qu’un simple émulateur Commodore C64, il émule en effet les systèmes suivant : C128, VIC20, CBM-II et tout les modèles « PET » (excepté le SuperPET 9000).

** C128 changes
- Added 2 MHz mode support (experimental).
- The cursor keys are mapped differently in C64-mode now.
- Fixed C64-mode autostart support.

** VIC20 changes

- Improved the sound emulation where the 'volume change click' is
concerned, and normalized the audio output level.

- The VIC-II border mode can be selected now (normal, full, debug).
- Some sprite fixes needed for Krestage 3 demo.

** Drive changes
- Improved drive LED emulation.

** Unix changes
- Fixed the "black screen" bug caused by some X11 library security
- Fixed the usb support for bsd based platforms.
- Changed the preferred libdir and docdir for netbsd and freebsd.
- Xaw/XRandR fullscreen mode is supposed to work.

** MS-Windows changes
- Positional keyboard mapping is used as default again.
- New volume slider control.
- The win32 port can now be compiled with openwatcom.

** OS/2 changes
- The os/2 port can now be compiled with openwatcom.

** RiscOS changes
- Added a build script for the RiscOS port and all needed binary files
are now part of the source distribution.

** AmigaOS changes
- Added netplay support for AmigaOS3 port.
- Added netplay support for AROS port.
- New VICE Volume control for all ports.

** C1541 changes
- Fixed some unlynx bugs.

Télécharger VICE (Dos) v3.1 (29,3 Mo)

Télécharger WinVICE (32 bits) v3.1 (17,2 Mo)

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