Il s’agit du plugin créé à l’origine par Rice (1964) qui supportait la Hi-Res pour les textures (via des packs graphiques) et dont Mudlord a continué le développement.

Quelques changements en vrac:

– Updated: Heavy GUI updates and tweaks, this includes removing the FB selection, for now..
– Updated: Optimized file size, with no ill effects. This also holds true for the stable branch plugin, too.
– Updated: Heavy refactorisation
– Updated: Optimized installer size
– Updated: Documentation
– Updated: Direct3D screenshots are compressed in PNG (uses internal PNG compression routines)
– Updated: Tagging on development plugin
– Updated: Documentation (refactorisation)
– Updated: Texture loading/dumping can now be enabled when « hide advanced options » is ticked (by request)
– Updated: Updated INI configuration file (thanks to Iconoclast)
– Updated: Hardware transformation and lighting is now a core requirement
– New: A custom installer system based on NSIS
– Debugger: Heavily updated and overhauled the debugger plugin. Involves major core restructuring, – GUI updates, a massive reduction in file size, and now manages hi-res textures properly again. Also, no longer requires the Visual C++ 2005 runtimes as well. Enjoy!
– Source: Updated to now compile with VC6 (VC6, ICC and the Processor Pack) . This means that builds compiled with this compiler no longer need additional runtimes apart from the DirectX/D3DX runtimes. However. SSE optimizations are unusable when this process of compilation is done.
– Removed: Framebuffer selection (framebuffer emulation is incomplete)
– Removed: Antialiasing/multisampling (doesnt work due to hardware limitations)
– Removed: Software transformation and lighting
– Removed: registry key cleaner (needs to be rewritten)

Télécharger Rice Video Hi-Rez Texturing 6.1.4 (1,4 Mo)

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