Nouvelle version du seul émulateur Sharp MZ-2500 disponible.

– [VM/DEVICE] add the virtual functions for dma access
– [VM/I8237] fix the typo
– [VM/I8259] support the special fully nest mode
– [VM/I8259] support the rotation of priorities
– [VM/I8259] support the intrrupt request from Z80 family devices
– [VM/IO8] support 16bit i/o adrress
– [VM/MB8877] support the dma access
– [VM/MB8877] support the irq and drq signals
– [VM/RP5C15] support reading the values of banks #13/#14/#15
– [VM/UPD71071] support uPD71071
– [VM/X86] support 8086/V30/80286
– [VM/YM2203] support the irq signal

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