Nouvelle version pour ce très bon émulateur de Sega Saturn créé par Guillaume Duhamel.

Voici les nouveautés:

– Fixed a bug which caused the emulator to crash if 68k execution jumped to
an invalid address.

– Fixed a bug where the slot buffer pointers weren’t set correctly.
– Added a function for debugging SCSP registers

– MODR returns the correct version number now.
– Fixed a bug that caused Local Coordinates, etc. commands to not get executed

software video core:
– Added vdp2 horizontal flip for cell mode.

linux port:
– Improved vdp1 window a bit.
– Updated website url.
– Some cleanups

macos port:
– Added browse buttons for some settings.
– Added universal build support.
– Emulation loop was optimized.
– Fixed bug when « Run » is selected from the menu.
– Audio is now muted when emulator is paused.
– Fixed Backup RAM saving.
– Fixed a bug that was causing filenames to be parsed wrong.
– Other bug fixes and cleanups.

windows port:
– msys compiling is now fixed.
– Windows position is now saved when program exits.
– Fixed sound volume adjustment. Should be more accurate now.
– Fixed centering bug on joysticks.
– Fixed POV hat diagonals.
– Sound is now muted in the about dialog.
– Other bug fixes.

– Added COFF file support.

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