Stella est un émulateur Atari VCS 2600 multi-platforme, releasé sous licence GPL. A la base le projet a été développé pour Linux par Bradford W. Mott, cependant de nombreuses personnes ont rejoint l’équipe de développement pour porter Stella sur différents système d’exploitation comme AcornOS, AmigaOS, DOS, FreeBSD, IRIX, Linux, GP2X, OS/2, MacOS, Unix, et Windows (ouf!).

* Added new video sub-system where fullscreen and windowed modes are treated
differently. Windowed modes now use ‘-zoom_tia’ and ‘-zoom_ui’ arguments,
while fullscreen modes can be specified by resolution using the new
‘-fullres’ argument.
* Widescreen video modes are now supported; Stella will simply center the
image with surrounding black borders.
* Many UI-related changes, including resizable ROM launcher and debugger
windows, and a new UI palette (the previous ‘classic’ palette is still
available). This is still a work in progress.
* The locations of all major config files (statedir, palette file,
cheat file, properties file, etc) are now configurable from the
commandline and within the UI.
* Updates to TIA palette support. Added SECAM support, and removed the
built-in ‘original’ palette. Standard, z26, and user are still
* Various bugfixes to some debugger commands. The ‘run’ command no
longer causes a crash, and several others have better error-checking.
* Added more complete cartridge auto-detection for Commavid (CV), 3E,
3F and Activision (FE) formats.
* Removed XStart and Width ROM properties, since the forthcoming TIA
rework won’t be using them.
* Reworked internal storage of ROM properties to be faster and take up
less space.
* Added several different ways of stretching the OpenGL image to the
‘-gl_fsmax’ argument, for more flexibility.
* Removed OpenGL aspect ratio setting favour of the previously mentioned
video changes. We’ll see how this goes.
* Removed dirty-rect support from software rendering, since it was actually
sub-optimal in Windows and OSX and defaulted to off in previous versions.
* Added support for gzipped ROMs.
* Re-added pause support.
* Re-added support for Windows 98.
* Removed support for ‘STELLA_BASEDIR’ environment variable, since each
config file can be now configured separately.
* Removed ‘-fastscbios’ argument, since it must always be turned on.
* Removed PSP support, since it hasn’t been updated in over a year, and
someone else is maintaining another port elsewhere.
* For the Unix/Linux port; fixed ‘make install’ issues, and changed icon to
PNG format.

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