Nouvelle version de ce frontend destiné à Mame dont voici les changements:

– Added support for the new Ultimarc PacDrive LED driver.
– New option added to remove brackets and parentheses from game names on the fly.
– MalaAttractMode: Support for Ultimarc PacDrive added.
– New game collection options dialog with more options.
– MalaGamelist: New game list properties dialog. Edit Author, Comment and write protect flag of game lists.
– New option to reorder the layout after quitting the emulator. This should fix cluttered layouts after game quit in same cases.
– Exception handling of bad video files in screensaver to avoid error messages/dialogs in screensaver.
– More tweaks for better video handling.
– New messages added to the plugin SDK:

– All issues from RC9beta2 (focus problems, no keyboard control, …)
– Cannot write the file names.tmp while refreshing a gamelist in some cases.
– Stucked ‘Shift’ key when switching the layout.
– When using a start video the video from the layout is running in the background.
– Execution of LNK files does not work.

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