Un émulateur de TI89(Titanium), TI92(+) et V200. Ce qui correspond aux plus puissantes calculatrices de chez TI vendu dans le commerce. Vous aurez besoin du module GTK disponible ici.

$2556: Merged changes from tiemu-3-sound branch:
– [hypersonic] $2509-2513: implemented low-level SDL code for sound emulation
– [kevin] $2515: added configure checks for SDL and –disable-sound configure option
– [kevin] $2520: added « Emulate sound » checkbox to the popup menu
– [kevin] $2527: cleaned up time handling (using gettimeofday everywhere, Win32 implementation taken from kdewin32,
not incorrectly attempting to measure wall clock time with clock() anymore)
– [kevin] $2531: filter out yet another junk parameter (LIBS=…) passed to subdir configure from yet another autoconf
version upgrade (2.61) (fixes MinGW build with regenerated configure)
– [kevin] $2537: implemented sound emulation in the CPU emulation loop
– [kevin] $2538: only define _GNU_SOURCE in src/core/uae/sysdeps.h if not already defined
Note: trunk forked into tiemu-3-sound branch at rev. $2507
– [roms] $2571: changed some function names (sound emulation) to follow TiEmu function naming scheme
– [roms] $2572: changed one function in dbus.c to follow ticonv API changes. Major number requirements updated consequently.
– [roms] $2591: speed-up displaying of code window by populating ROM calls early
– [kevin] $2596: fixed coordinate saving for Win32 multi-monitor case
– [kevin] $2598: fixed KDE path detection for multilib systems with both 32-bit and 64-bit libraries installed
– [roms] $2600: clear _all_ bkpts in ti68k_bkpt_clear_all
– [roms] $2601: added support for breakpoints on bit changes
– [roms] $2602: data/bit change breakpoint is raised after instruction execution so fixed disassembly window
to show one line before current PC.
– [roms] $2603: fixed wrong disassembly offset of MOVEM.W instruction
– [roms] $2604: optimized some refreshing parts of debugging windows; added refresh of heap window
– [roms] $2611: optimized displaying of code window by refreshing ROM calls just once
– [kevin] $2620: made zlib non-optional now that libtifiles2 requires it anyway
– [roms] $2624: allow double-clicking of a ROM instead of selecting + pressing OK button
– [kevin] $2629: fixed GDB build with the upcoming glibc 2.7 (patch from Fedora GDB by Jan Kratochvil)
– [roms] $2630: added ability to send file from command line

Télécharger Skin Edit v1.27 (789,7 Ko)

Télécharger TiEmu 3 (avec GDB) v3.02a (4,0 Mo)

Télécharger TiEmu 3 (sans GDB) v3.03 (3,1 Mo)

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