Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de Nintendo GameBoy N&B/Color dont voici les nouveautés:

– fix 64-bit compile and segfault. Thanks to Nach for noticing.
– Add zip support. Thanks to Nach for contributing nice, clear code
– fix sound ch4 frequency calculation
– Several PPU reads timings depend on wx. Thanks to franpa for noticing the
corrupt line in The LoZ: Oracle of Seasons.
– remove unused doubleSpeed parameter from m3ExtraCycles call

– Thread safety, bigger sound buffer
– Compile on more platforms. Thanks to Thristian for the find.
– actually increment iterator so the loop makes some sense (parser.cpp)

– fix 64-bit compile. Thanks to Nach.
– better license info for x11getprocaddress.cpp
– initial joystick support, mostly using SDL’s joystick code (separated from
the rest of SDL)
– use binary search for gb inputs.

– make sure to use std:: despite sloppy compilers allowing omission. Thanks
to blargg for the reminder.
– get rid of some valgrind warnings. Thanks to Nach for noticing.

– add tests for wx effects on PPU read timings.

– add -Wextra to default compile flags

– mention optional zlib dependency
– additions to thanks section

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