Incroyable, après des années d’absence, voici le retour de Triggerfin alias l’homme qui détiens l’appellation « catlist officiel », il revient avec un tool dédié aux folders de Mame32.

Very Beta (I think I’m past Alpha) build of CFB. Get this (enregistrer sous), along with two more or less recent mame versions (tested back to 108 so far, but for your own sake keep them close together) and a catver.ini file.

Does it run? How far can you get before it crashes? Let me know… somewhere.

Oh yeah, it may only be a 39KB zip, but the folder you put it in will end up somewhere over 30MB, and it may need more RAM than that at points. It has a lot of data to toss around.

Fixed the output tab. I’d broken a few handles off. File got smaller in the process. Everything implemented should work.

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