Encore une nouvelle version Beta public de l’excellent WinUAE.

– real harddrive support improvements:
— empty drives are now listed in « Add Harddrive » GUI
— uaehf.device media change command support (CMD_ADDCHANGEINT, CMD_REMCHANGEINT and CMD_CHANGESTATE are not no-ops anymore)
— drive parameters (includes size) is re-detected every time new media is inserted
— automount on the fly but only if configured using « Add Harddrive » (drive was empty or missing when emulation was started) No RDB parsing.
— do not automount as a directory filesystem on the fly if drive is in « Add Harddrive » list (for example: FATxx formatted zip disk/HD mounted using Amiga-side fat filesystem driver)
– configured directory drives always support automount (even if « automount removable drives » is not checked). Also keep original configured volume name. (do not replace with real volume label)
– harddrive safety check slightly relaxed, do not complain if drive is inserted on the fly and only complain once.
– ‘E’ in harddrive panel means drive is mounted but empty
– KS 1.3 directory filesystem WB HD icons appear again (instead of hiding somewhere and corrupting memory)
– KS 1.3 directory filesystem automount support
– added « Restart » (better names?) button that closes running emulation and returns back to GUI without changing current configuration
– do not hide mouse pointer when GUI is active in fullscreen mode
– ACTION_EXAMINE_ALL 2xbug fix. If last directory entry was filtered with eac_MatchString/eac_MatchFunc, previous eac_Next was not cleared (broke monitor driver loading if last dir entry was *.info or vgaonly). eac_MatchString/eac_MatchFunc filtering didn’t work correctly, calculated number of bytes to copy in register D0, used D1 in main copy loop… DO NOT USE OLDER BETAS.
– hq2x filter support. I hope someone is happy now.
– [still nothing done with bsdsocket problem, FS problems first]

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