Basé sur MAME (ligne de commande) cet émulateur supporte uniquement les gambling machines (jeux d’argent). Anciennement connu sous le nom de MAGE.

Included all updates from 0.118 to 0.119.

AGEMAME changes for 0.118u1
Made the few minor alterations required to allow the core to compile (AWPs don’t really need tilemaps in the main)

Since I had a little spare time, I also fixed the last remaining gremlins in the Gamball audio (the infamous Yamaha chip) – at some point I’ll work out all the ball switches, but it makes a nice proof of concept as it stands.

Characteriser handling has also been rewritten as before the reset command was totally ignored.

AGEMAME changes for 0.118u3
Time wasn’t really on my side this week, so there are a few minor cleanups, but nothing major.

I’ve noticed an issue with Gamball reel spin alarms, this will need to be tracked down and sorted in the long term.

IMPACT is being reworked to add AWP support.

AGEMAME changes for 0.118u4
An addition of Vegas Poker courtesy of HIGHWAYMAN, as I continue to probe the full
extent of the MPU4 video system. If anyone could assist with this, I’d appreciate it, as there’s still some IRQ cases that don’t seem right.

There’s also been a few little optimisations of the AWPvideo system, which should make reel updates a little easier on the CPU.

AGEMAME changes for 0.118u5
Several game additions, as a bribe to get you to move onto the new compile tools:

Time Machine, an MPU4 quiz game (not working) ‘timemchn’

Quintoon (2 sets UK), both program number 206, but one is the Datapak version.

Please note:

The new supported set is now the parent ‘quintoon’, with the older one now ‘quintono’. Because the input mappings are different between the two, you will have problems unless you clear the ‘quintoon.cfg’ and the ‘quintoon.nv’ file out of the cfg and nvram directories. If you need to keep theme for any reason, rename them quintono.cfg and quintono.nv, so they’ll line up with the new version. The Datapak version is ‘quintond’.

AGEMAME changes for 0.118u6

Fixed auditing errors caused by 1. a faulty SHA1 program and 2. forgetting that Connect 4 ROMs are loaded p2 first.

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