Emuloader, le meilleur frontend pour Mame vient d’être mit a jour dans sa version 3.1
Voici toutes les améliorations:

« Virtual Mode » on games list is finally implemented
The loading time of games (~3500) will take about 0.200 to 1.5 seconds max! (it depends on computer’s speed). This is based on a Pentium III 500MHz (Katmai FSB 100MHz). Many thanks to AzzaAzza69 for helping me to figure out how to implement the virtual mode
Important notes, please read them carefully:
1. If Parental Lock is activated it will take longer to load games
2. If Real Icons is activated, it will take longer to load games (just a little bit, like 0.65 seconds, hehe)
3. When switching between games filters, the status window doesn’t appear anymore. Instead, the mouse cursor changes, showing the Hour Glass while loading the new filter
The following features / options were removed from Emu Loader:
– Game Sound Clips is completely removed due to problems with DirectX8 headers for Delphi
– Go to Selected Game’s Homepage (not needed anymore)
– Disable Windows Access (didn’t worked anyway)
– Games Hot Track
– Games Hand Point
– Non-Working Icon (new handling due to new virtual mode)
– Games List Wallpaper
– Remember Sorted Column
– Column to Sort at startup
– Sort Direction at startup
– Game Filter « Show Working Games »
– Game Filter « show Non-Working Games »
– Show Picture Info
All games with a preliminary driver, now will be grayed out, and with a strike out font
New Option: Show Preliminary Games Disabled
This option works with the above feature. It toggles the games with preliminary driver enabled / disabled with a strike out font
In-Game Snapshots folder is removed from MAME Extended Options screen
This folder is now loaded from the snapshot_directory entry of mame.ini file. This means that the in-game snapshot folder can be different for every M.A.M.E. binary you select 🙂
Added a new drop-down button on the buttons toolbar, with a list of all available Keys Mapping files, found on M.A.M.E. ctrlr folder
Now you can quickly select the keys config
1. The list changes for every M.A.M.E. binary you select
2. Selecting the (Default) option, EL will load the keys mapping from mame.ini file
Keys Mapping drop-down button added in User Profile Editor screen
The games mode views are now available when in favorites lists mode, thanks to the virtual mode (Big Icons, Small Icons, List and Details buttons)
Category and Version Added columns are now updated when refreshing the games list
Added an option to change the background color on the Automatic Game Information box
The picture filename info is now on the picture’s hint
Added the General Background Color option again
This time, this option is 100% optimized
If you’re using WinXP with themes enabled this option forces the « BtnFace » color (default window color)
Custom Games is now working correctly with no apparent bugs

A télécharger sur son site officiel.

NB: Il est à préciser que chez certaines personnes le FrontEnd ne se lance pas ou plante, il est donc conseillé de ne pas supprimer l’ancienne version.

Update à 22H15: le build vient d’être fixé, merci de le re-télécharger si vous avez rencontré des problèmes.

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