Nouvelle version pour ce frontend destiné à Mame, en voici les nouveautés:

* Added additional values in the All Window Views, Prescale, and Audio Latency settings.
* Added an option to delete a game’s .cfg file after gameplay. If you use the OSD in M.A.M.E. to change settings such as Brightness, Contrast, or Gamma, these changes will override those in the mame.ini. Deleting the game’s .cfg file ensures that MAME Classic settings will be used everytime you play that game.
* Added the main Refresh to the Status Bar.
* All Window Resolutions now gets its values from your system so you will probably find different resolutions available. In prior versions I had these hard-coded.
* Fixed an issue where not all bootleg games would be hidden if you selected Hide Bootleg Games in Options.
* Fixed some issues (I hope) involving resorting on a new column, exiting, restarting and then having the same game that was highlighted when you exited highlighted upon restarting. This is the second time I tried to fix this.
* Made some of the settings slightly more descriptive.
* Made some minor GUI changes when MAME Classic is maximized.
* Removed some erroneous values in the Frame Skipping setting.
* Removed some xml code (& for example) that would show up in the Game and Manufacturer columns with some games.
* The game lists now show multiple screen information if a game has more than one screen.
* The ROM Compare function now gives you the option to move orphan ROMs to a separate folder instead of deleting them. The folder will be created in your M.A.M.E. directory if it doesn’t exist.
* Updated to accommodate M.A.M.E. 0.119.

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