Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur d’Apple Lisa dont voici les dernières nouveautés:

– fixed romless floppy boot to always boot from floppy and not switch to Profile.
– debugging ROMless boot. new bug: when trying to boot from floppy, if a profile exists and is bootable, LOS starts up from the Profile instead of the floppy.
– David Cecchin’s XPM icon in unix
– added Save/Load PRAM to Preferences
– Quit now closes any open Preference window as well
– libdc42 macbinii encoded dart to dc42 conversion bugfix
– added LOS error codes to ROMless error handler
– fix raw screenshot crash
– got both ROMless boot and ROMless dual parallel card to work
– individual profile power controls + create new profile inside a new menu named profile.
– replaced all exit() and EXIT() calls with messages before quitting emulator so at least we know what crashed.
– ROMless works with both profile and floppy now.
– Fixed a bug with configuration saving.
– Tracelog checkmark correction
– added Zap PRAM button in main Preferences panel
– ROMLess booting – floppy works
– ROMLess booting start
– RESET opcode supervisor mode bug fix.
– CPU core tests

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