Mame Player est un tout petit frontend destiné à Mame.

Les nouveautés:

* Added: menu item ‘Delete NVRAM’ to the Tools menu.
* Added: Driver to the statusbar.
* Added: new icons (the red x stands out well among the subtle blue of the tick).
* Added: option to use the two mame32 icons which were used in past versions of MAME Player.
* Added: CRC32 generation of the mame executable in use. XML will be parsed on next scan if the – CRC32 changes. This used to work on reliance of MAME version.
* Changed: search to look at parents as well as description and name. e.g. typing in ‘cninja’, will find 5 sets, as opposed to the 3 sets it would normally find.
* Changed: the Verify Set dialog to show text stating that samples are not supported for a game, as opposed to not showing any sampleset info for non sample games.
* Added: option to select and play games by joystick (btn1 = play, btn2 = up, btn3 = down).
* Added: ‘View’ dropdown to Default Options…Screens.
* Added: single clicking the picture area brings the last selected game into the list’s visible area, e.g. you might have scrolled it up or down so it’s not visible.
* Changed: Saved Input files now save with a .inp file extension.
* Various other fixes/additions/changes.

You will need to delete your existing mp.ini.

Télécharger MAME Player 1.10.5 (185,9 Ko)

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