Un émulateur Sinclair QL basé sur Qlay.

# Adding a new debugger accessible by the menu (Command / Debug…)
This debugger is self documented and fit in a resizeable window.
# Completely rewritten execution timing
(Now a QL set a original speed use very few percent CPU time in
both DirectX or GDI mode)
It possible to set speed factor too from original QL Speed.
To set speed factor use -P x switch where x is 1 for QL orginal speed,
2 for 2 time quicker and so…
# A new switche has been added to set the delay of MDV from 31ms to 1ms.
This switch is -Q.
# DirectDraw FullScreen mode doesn’t show window border anymore
We have left just the menu bar as often the ALT Key is locked by
the emulator for QL usage.
# Many and many bugs fixes and code cleaning.

Télécharger QL2K (x86/x64) v0.1 build 0.101 (1,2 Mo)

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