Nouvelle version béta pour cet excellent émulateur de commodore Amiga. En voici les changements:

– fixed completely broken joystick buttons (b3)
– input panel mouse wheel « buttons » added. Sends button/key down event, waits one frame, sends button/key up event
– started implementing « real » ROM image ROM scanner support (2xROM setups like CDTV extended ROM or A1200, Nordic Power etc..)
– big superhires resolution and hires/superhires sprite update
* full SuperHires resolution support (without dropped pixels)
* Doublescan hires modes are now also properly displayed (hires doublescan is really « half-scan » superhires mode)
* Replaced lores checkbox with lores/hires/superhires selection.
** SuperHires mode uses 4xdoubling in lores, 2xdoubling in hires and no doubling (and no dropped pixels) in superhires.
** Hires = old non-lores mode, 2xdoubling in lores, no doubling in hires and drop every other pixel in superhires (+)
** Lores = no doubling in lores, drop every other pixel in hires (+), superhires not supported
+ = lores smooth filtering supported
NOTE: regular (non-doublescan) superhires aspect ratio is wrong, use filters if you need correct aspect ratio
NOTE2: interlaced doublescan modes are buggy
* AGA superhires sprite resolution supported (previously hires only)
* hires sprites are not converted to lores (and then doubled again..) anymore if screen is doubled (lores program, hires/shres in GUI) Check Super Stardust AGA if you want to see the difference.
* AGA hires/shres « smooth » scroll BPLCON1 bits supported
* OCS/ECS (no ECS Denise) uses old code path = no performance change. ECS-Denise and AGA uses new more complex and slower sprite/bitplane drawing code path (optimization still to do..)
* Probably breaks something…

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