Nouvelle version béta pour cet excellent émulateur de commodore Amiga. En voici les changements:

Beta 5:
– AGA T (genlock transparency) color register bit emulated (=color register read, RDRAM=1 and LOCT=0 -> return stored T-bit, bit 15, value with color RGB value) instead of always returning zero. Nobody probably cares..)
– AGA sprite doublescan emulated (FMODE SSCAN2 bit) (Does something use this feature?)
– 16 bit display mode graphics problems fixed (b4)
– regular hardfiles, KS 1.3 and FFS filesys path set: all hardfiles gets properly mounted. Previously only first hardfile used FFS.
– switching doublescan<>non-doublescan didn’t always reset all display parameters (bottom half of display was sometimes blank)

Beta 6:
– do not call CD32 CD emulation handler when non-CD controller Akiko registers are accessed. Fixes slowdown when program uses C2P feature of Akiko (Wing Commander CD32, perhaps others)
– debugger ea command AGA genlock color bit support
– smc command added to debugger help
– Ghostscript and neroaspi registry detection didn’t work without admin privileges
– directory harddrive read/write status and volume name change work again on the fly
– directory harddrive eject-button works again
– directory harddrive readwrite checkbox is not disabled anymore if no path entered
– filter superhires support
– ECS Denise hires sprite support removed, hires/shres sprite support is not compatible with OCS ham modes (and who needs ECS hires sprites when AGA is much better choice..)

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