Il s’agit d’un excellent émulateur Game Boy Advance / Nintendo DS.

En voici les nombreuses améliorations:

– nds/3d/debug: vram viewer auto-updates 3d tree view (if any) during emulation
– nds/3d/debug: defaults to disable old/slow 3d debugmsg’s (instead vram viewer)
– nds/3d/mtx: removed v2.5 z-rounding trick, allows to change projection per vtx
– nds/3d/mtx: gl_projection set to identity (but max depth +1.0 instead +0.99)
– nds/3d/mtx: all matrix math done by software without using any opengl matrices
– nds/spi: allows to deselect/disable spi bus without clearing the hold-bit
– nds/3d/debug: vram viewer displays texture bitmap for currently selected vtx
– nds/3d/debug: vram viewer draws laser arrow from screen-center to selected vtx
– nds/3d/debug: vram viewer indicates unused lights and color tables by red line
– nds/3d/debug: vram viewer shows color/material/shininess/etc for selected vtx
– nds/wifi/help: added port 24Ch/24Eh/250h, 264h/270h, 2A4h/2C4h, 2C8h/2CCh info
– nds/3d/speedup/frameskip: renders 3d only when needed (capture and video out)
– nds/3d/speedup: position vectors multiply only 3×4 matrix (and add 1×4 * w=1)
– nds/3d/speedup: directional vectors use 3×3 matrix maths (instead slow 4×4)
– nds/key1/help: renamed crypt_up/down (actually encrypt/decrypt) (thanks simon)
– nds/3d/stage2/buf: all 3d rendering/lighting/vtxmaths performed from buffer
– nds/3d/multi: uses a single opengl context shared (and working) for multiplay
– nds/3d/internal: internally translates gx commands 0..255 to ID codes 0..38
– nds/wifi/help: added W_TX_HDR_CNT port 194h bit0,1,2 info (thanks Tim Seidel)
– nds/3d/debug: added new 3d page to vram viewer, treeview for buffered commands
– nds/3d/buf: stores initial frame settings, reallocs larger buffer when needed
– nds/3d/buf: stores commands with original params, and results on each mtx cmd
– nds/3d/buf: buffers all gx commands (for future frameskip and for vram viewer)
– nds/3d/deguglog: appends current matrix_mode as comment to all matrix commands
– nds/3d/softlight: fixed shininess_table index (7bit index = 8bit data div 2)
– nds/wifi: emulates 0000h-to-094h-to-098h, and reset-098h.bit15-via-0B4h.Bit6
– nds/wifi/help: added 1D0h..1DFh info, added notes on body[2] instead txhdr[2]
– nds/wifi/help: confirmed 0B4h.Bit6, added 030h.Bit7, added info on 094h/098h
– nds/wifi/help: removed incorrect/unconfirmed rxbuf_begin/end-latching-info
– nds/wifi/help: added txhdr[2], port[0C0h], port[0C4h], renamed EXTRA to CMD
– nds/wifi/help: renamed W_RXUNITS to W_RXTX_ADDR and moved it to status chapter
– nds/wifi/help: added notes on registers affected by powerforce (and by irq13)
– nds/wifi: reflects powerforce to rf_status (unreported pictochat-lite problem)
– cpu/debug: replaced invalid tmb high-opcode error message by optional warning
– cpu/debug: disassembler shows invalid high-opcodes as such (thanks vladimir)
– cpu: emulates invalid add/mov/cmp thumb high-opcodes-without-high-registers
– joysticks: fixed unstable vint_inputs code (occassionallly skipped joysticks)
– nds/wifi/dslite: debug-iomap recognizes channel-number for type3 RF registers
– nds/wifi/dslite: emulates type3 RF registers (reading, writing, and initial)
– nds/wifi: emulates reading from RF chip, emulates initial power-on RF values
– nds/wifi/help: added RF2958 (aka RF9008) datasheet info (thanks Tim Seidel)

Télécharger No$GBA (Gaming version / Dos) v2.9 (201,0 Ko)

Télécharger No$GBA (Gaming version / Windows) v2.9 (206,0 Ko)

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