Nouvelle version béta pour cet excellent émulateur de commodore Amiga. En voici les changements:

– AGA sprite doublescan fixed (b7)
– some more doublescan tweaks (Super72 modes are now detected as doublescanned. Other « weird » modes also work more or less, note that some require horizontal centering)
– sana2 configuration save fixed (but note that sana2 emulation still isn’t really doing much)
– CDTV « Snoopy » fix corrected. Fixes random CDTV boot freeze.
– increased A590/A2091 SCSI data buffer size (crash while formatting if sectors per track size was large enough)
– default hardware config (used by QS) clears pc drive mount checkboxes
– harddrive removal signal was not always send to uaehf.device if drive was removed with disk still in drive (for example USB ZIP drive)
– directory filesystem ACTION_SET_DATE notification check crashed if file didn’t exist
– directory filesystem and hardfile slowdown fixed (b2)
– state save crashed if directory harddrives were configured but state was saved before drive initialization, for example when booting non-dos adf
– always include empty memory space between Z3Fast and RTG RAM

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