Les fans d’Amiga doivent être ravis de voir autant de béta et donc autant de corrections pour le meilleur émulateur de ce système. En voici les nouveautés:

– path selection really fixed now
– do not mount cd/dvdroms on the fly if removable automount was enabled
– uaenet partially rewritten, « should » be working properly now
* multicast supported, including multicast filter (not tested)
* IEEE 802.3 frame support (I think)
* CMD_FLUSH implemented
* stats trackers implemented, probably do not work correctly yet..
* globalstats fixed
* multiple openers handled correctly
* interrupt handler setup is still very ugly
* SANA2IOF_RAW supported
* S2_PacketFilter hook supported (not tested)
* (Genesis still refuses to send anything but I think the problem can’t be uaenet.device but something else. Also Genesis calls S2_ONLINE before S2_CONFIGINTERFACE which is against the spec..)

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