Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de Commodore C64 dont voici les nouveautés:

1) Fixed SounDemon’s sid emulation compatibility that was broken in the previous release.
2) Adjusted memory-reset pattern. An optional memory pattern file called c64.ram has been added. The file was sampled and extrapolated from the memory-reset pattern of a C64C. If the c64.ram file is missing then a default pattern is generated.

1) Fixed disk head movement while motor is off bug that was introduced in v1.0.5.0. The LogosLand 2 demo works again.
2) The disk ROM is updated from 1541C to 1541-II. The game Kangarudy II works.
3) Adjusted SID oscillator register $D41B to read a one cycle delay as per an 8580 SID.
4) Adjusted memory reset pattern. The game Snow Queen and the demo Typical / Beyond The Force works.
5) Fixed assertion failure while performing a reset in debug mode.
6) Fixed long standing internal « first chance exception » whilst querying the application

*edit* Version disponible.

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