Un émulateur de COMX-35.

– Adjustable speed, so you can boost the speed of the COMX beyond 2.813 or 2.835 MHz !
– Tape features PLOAD, PSAVE, DLOAD, DSAVE including a Turbo PLOAD version
– Disk drive and COMX DOS support via image files, including the DOS 1.4 master disk image
– Direct COMX memory access to load and save software from the PC hard disk via ‘.comx’ files
– Expansion box, the original and a version including the F&M expansion ROM 3.1 with full screen editor
– 32K RAM card, F&M Joy card, Printer controller (original and one with F&M ROM)
– PAL and NTSC video modes both with full screen option by pressing F3
– Sound support for MUSIC, TONE and NOISE commands
– Next to emulation of the COMX-35 and COMX PC-1, support for Elf, Studio II and Cidelsa
– Printing listings to a file and printer for offline editing and storage
– Support for COMX PL-80 Plotter simulation and sending the output to any printer you own.

Télécharger 1802 Emulator 1.18 (6,5 Mo)

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