Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de Nintendo NES écrit en Java (il vous faudra donc le module java), en voici les nouveautés:

– Authorisation check at start-up removed (originally required to report game usage and issues with beta)
– Sound, game graphics and UI graphics have all been improved

– Fixed issues with sound, and discontinued the mute versions of the emulator
– Fixed issues where loaded state files weren’t starting the sound correctly
– Fixed bug where text would not be presented in the correct codepage on some machines
– Fixed bug where when a NES ROM did not load correctly an error message was not being displayed
– Fixed bug where when running using the Applet Viewer some of the tags weren’t being interpreted correctly
– Fixed bug where settings files and ROMs were being cached, and the latest version may not be being read
– Fixed bug where lowercase keys in the settings file for the controls where not being interpreted correctly
– Fixed bug where the / key could not be assigned to a key control in the settings file or the User Interface
– Fixed bug where LOADSTATE tag was not being interpreted correctly unless the URL was specified in full
– Fixed bug where screen would flicker when ROM files were loading
– Fixed issues with error messages, they are now more meaningful and better explain the underlying issues

Functionality Removed:
– Removed Override Engine (this was not heavily used)
– Removed Activity Monitor (because Authorisation Check is removed, this would not work)
– Removed Debugger from Applet version (replaced by Code Profiler in Standard version)
– Removed Image Smoothing and replaced with improved image scaling routines
– Removed Sprite Tile view from Applet (this was not heavily used)

Functionality Added/Changed:
– Added F9 option to standard version to dump executable code (profiles the code as it runs)
– Changed settings filename to nescafe-settings.txt (to prevent issues with MIME types on web-servers)
– Changed how the CPU interprets undocumented operation codes, they now cause the CPU to halt
– NESCafe Applet screen now dynamically resizes if the Applet canvas changes size
– Cleaned up the Time Trial mode, pressing T causes the current screen and run-time data to be captured.

Télécharger NESCafe 1.03 (516,6 Ko)

Télécharger NESCafe (Applet) 1.03 (523,3 Ko)

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