Un nouvel émulateur de Game Boy écrit en Java.

* Emulation correctness improved A LOT
o Fools the demotronic final demo into detecting us as a real gameboy.
o Many games now work correctly (smurf 1, mario 2, batman, etc etc)
* Fullscreen mode
* Interpolation so you can make your window any size
* Recording and playing back of game sessions
* Rotating savestates with « Save To Oldest State » option
* Advanced color selection dialog for choosing your custom palletes
* Advanced sound setting dialog to tweak java into submission
* (almost) All settings are now saved

* Smart video scaling up to 4x size
* Seperate Custom Palletes for Background/Sprites for mono games
* Up to 10 save states per game
* Link capability over TCP/IP (and locally)
* Advanced Disassembler/Debugger with lots of options
* And many more…

Télécharger Jgbe 752 beta 1 (238,0 Ko)

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