Nouvelle version béta pour le meilleur émulateur de Commodore Amiga:

– BPLCON3 BRDRBLNK-bit didn’t work when chipset was ECS Denise
– BPLCON3 KILLEHB-bit was first implemented in ECS Denise (not AGA) It makes 6-plane display to work like normal 5-plane display, 6th plane can now be used for genlock mask
– COPCON CDANG-bit allowing full register writes was first implemented in ECS Agnus, not in AGA. (OCS has low address limit of 0x40)
– CDTV QS Denise setting corrected (OCS, not ECS Denise)
– added « slow is fast » option to advanced chipset. (Original A2000 with DIP Agnus has real fast at 0xc00000, some A1000 CPU socket fast ram expansions mapped to 0xc00000 instead of usual 0x200000) CPU socket RAM expansions) Speed difference only in CE-mode
– Windows message handling changes, most likely breaks something but also should fix Direct3D filter fullscreen switch issues (WIP)
– compressed disk images (dms, adz etc..) inside archives (lha, zip etc..) supported (this may have worked few releases ago, not sure..)

– uaenet.device backend replaced with winpcap (version 4.x only tested)
* winpcap is easier to use. Install. Done. (*)
* promiscuous mode supported
* all available network adapters are automatically mapped to uaenet.device. first adapter = unit 0, second = unit 1 etc.. (manual configuration someday, maybe..) Check the log.
* some (bad) software firewalls may block some/all packets.. (at least Vista x64 + eset smart security fw seems to eat all non-broadcast packets..)
* fixed bug in dropped packet (packet that nobody wanted) handing

*) Vista note: winpcap kernel mode driver will be loaded when it is first required. This needs admin privileges (only once after boot) Another easier solution is to enable autostart: Open Device manager, « View »-menu, « Show hidden devices », open « Non-Plug and Play Drivers » from device tree, find « NetGroup Packet Filter Driver », select properties, « Driver »-tab, set type to « Automatic »

Télécharger WinUAE (Public Beta) [32 bits] v4.0.0 Beta 4 (3,7 Mo)

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