Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de Nec Pc Engine basé sur PC2E, en voici les nouveautés:

– « Output WAV File » menu was added to « File » menu.
The recording starts when this menu is executed. Afterwards, when paused
(« Esc » key or mouse click), the recording ends. And « setting and function
to record beautifully » was put, too.
– If the « hes file (PCE sound file) » is opened, when the tune is selected
with I-button or II-button, the no sound time of 0.5 seconds is inserted.
(possible to release it by « File->Setting of Output WAV » menu)
– « 3Quarters » (volume of 3/4) was added to « Volume » menu.
– In « Lodoss Tou Senki II », at the scene of « After the last boss », the
problem that the upper part of the screen had flickered was solved.
– When « Youkai Douchuuki » was started, the multi-tap was removed
– At the opening title of « Chou Aniki », the problem that the logo shook
occasionally was solved.
– A detailed part of RAM access of CPU (zero page access) was brought close
to a real machine. (Information from PC2E author Mr.Ki)
– Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

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