Un émulateur de Commodore Plus 4.

* implemented Lua scripting in the debugger; this makes it possible to
write complex rules for breakpoints, but can have other uses as
well, since the script can read and write memory and CPU registers,
in addition to having access to the standard Lua library functions
* changed the debugger window layout so that there is a larger window
with only two tabs
* the disassembly view in the debugger now allows for paging backward,
and the disassembly and memory dump displays can also be scrolled
with the mouse wheel
* made the serial bus delay for the 1541 high timing accuracy mode
adjustable; while the default setting works with all the disk turbos
tested so far, this option may be useful for debugging purposes
* when using audio files as tape images, the signal read or written
can optionally be inverted for compatibility with other software
* the enabling of 6551 ACIA emulation is now configurable, rather than
being fixed to machine configurations with 64K or more RAM
* SID emulation and floppy drives with no disk image attached can be
disabled from the GUI menu to reduce CPU usage; previously, these
automatically enabled features could only be turned off by a forced
or hard reset
* added new GUI menu items for resetting floppy drives
* new command line option (-tape) for loading tape images on startup;
it has also been made possible to automatically load a file with
.prg, .p00, .d64, .d81, or .tap extension by using the file name as
a single command line argument
* minor bug fixes and optimizations

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