Voici la nouvelle version finale de cet émulateur de MSX.

New or improved emulator features:
– SDLGL-PP renderer (OpenGL 2.0) can now do RGBTriplet scaling in hardware.
– Several resampling algorithms now available: hq, blip and fast; the first two eliminate aliasing.
– Channels of sound chips can be individually recorded and muted.
– Sound chips now have a stereo balance setting instead of a mode (left, right, mono). Because of this, the _mode settings have been replaced by _balance settings.
– PSG sound effects: vibrato and detune. You can use the new « psg_profile » command to select known good combinations, or experiment wiht the PSG_vibrato_percent, PSG_vibrato_frequency, PSG_detune_percent and PSG_detune_frequency settings directly.
Thanks to Wolf for the idea and his feedback on experiments.
– Several small optimizations, mostly in SDLGL-PP renderer and CPU emulation.

MSX device support:
– Partial support for Yamaha SFG-05 (only the YM2151, no keyboard and MIDI).
– Support for the VLM5030 in Konami’s Keyboard Master.
– Improved accuracy in SCC emulation.
– Support for ESE devices: MEGA SCSI, ESE RAM, ESE SCC, WAVE-SCSI.
– Support for Gouda/Novaxis SCSI.
– Support for password cartridge.
– Support for the Super Lode Runner mapper.
– Real support for the Halnote mapper. Thanks to the blueMSX team.

Build system, packaging, documentation:
– Added support for building a statically linked executable on Windows.
– Added support for building a backwards compatible executable on Mac OS X
10.5 (Leopard). Thanks to BouKiCHi.
– Added support for DESTDIR, which should help packagers.

Télécharger OpenMSX (x86) v0.14.0 (6,6 Mo)

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