Un très bon émulateur de Sega Saturn créé par Guillaume Duhamel.

cd block:
– Fixed a bug in periodic timing. Most movies should play correctly now.
– Other bug fixes

– Fixed a bug that was causing reversed panning.
– Fixed a bug in SCSP slot debug stats.

– Fixed a bug that caused Yabause to crash when fetching instructions from
some areas.

– Fixed undocumented plane size setting when debugging vdp2
– Special Color Calculation mode added to vdp2 debugging

opengl video core:
– Added the eight missing sprite types in Vdp1ReadPriority.

software video core:
– Fixed a bug where Polygons that used non-RGB values had the wrong
– Fixed a bug that was causing some scrolling issues.

gtk port:
– CD, sound, and video cores can now be changed without restarting the
– Added basic support for save states.

windows port:
– Fixed compilation with MSYS.
– Changed SCSP debug dialog so it allows for individual slot saving.
– Fixed a bug when using goto address in memory editor.
– Fixed a bug where Yabause crashed when joystick was unplugged.
– Added memory search support.
– Fixed cheat dialog. Codes should show up after re-opening it.

– Fixed some bugs where vdp1/vdp2 layers wouldn’t be drawn after switching
video cores.
– Fixed a bug when switching between opengl and software video cores.
– Added memory search function.

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