Dolqube a réalisé un build de gCube (comme l’avait fait XTale avant lui, à la différence que le build de ce dernier était basé uniquement sur les dernières sources officielles et finales de l’émulateur) basé sur les sources de la version 0.4, il a donc décidé d’améliorer l’émulateur en conséquence.

Hi all here is the last version of gcube I was working on. Its about six months old so dont expect wonderful results.
I moved on to my own gamecube emulator project after this build.

Monk added compatibility for dev-cpp.
Maby now it has x64 compat because of gcc new x64 mode. Duno.
Have to write a new makefile for that.

I made no major changes to the emulation with the exception of some asm snippets.

here is also a thp player included also.

maby more people will join your forum once they see this post. Good luck with your project tux0r.
Let me know if you need any assistance.

Also contact Sercio on emutalk because he posted me some bug fixes a while back and I believe he has been working on the code since.

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