Il s’agit d’un émulateur Enterprise 128, écrit par Istvan Varga.

Les changements sont les suivants:

– changed the debugger window layout so that there is a larger window
with only two tabs; also more information is displayed, and the
mouse wheel can be used for scrolling the disassembly and memory
dump views
– implemented Lua scripting in the debugger; this makes it possible to
write complex rules for breakpoints, but can have other uses as
well, since the script can read and write memory, I/O ports, and CPU
registers, in addition to having access to the standard Lua library
– added a simple monitor to the debugger; the supported commands
include assemble, disassemble, trace, memory and I/O port dump and
modify, printing and changing CPU registers, memory compare, copy,
fill, search, load and save, and more (use ? to print the list of
available commands, or ? N for help on command N)
– improved the audio quality of AVI recording, at the expense of
making it somewhat slower
– added new command line option for selecting the GUI style and colors
– a few minor bug fixes and improvements

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