Nouvelle version pour ce frontend multi-émulateurs arcade dont les améliorations:

– When disabling left panel, main tool bar filters were not being applied again
– Hidden games stay hidden when left panel and hidden games features are enabled at the same time
– Open/close button for root nodes in left panel disappearing when starting front-end with left panel enabled
– Memory leak in « game details » screen
– Incremental search not working in several screens

– none

– Files that do not follow the standard format are not added into the left panel (catver.ini for example)
– Merged some more functions to remove unecessary code duplicates

– Several audit icons from folder  »
esourcesmain_icons »
– Artwork filters from « Games Filters » main menu. Also removed support for the now old artwork.ini (thanks Mr. Do!)… « [frontend]ini_filesartwork.ini » file
– Only the new artwork.ini file is supported and is to be used with the left panel
– Audit feature is completely removed from the project (see new feature « Scan Results » for more info)

– Added a new main tool bar button: « Left Panel Filters » for easier access and removed the menu item from the « Games Filters » main menu
– Left panel now have a popup menu with some options
– New files: -> folder:  »
esourcesmain_icons »
« left_panel.ico »
« scanresult_ok.ico »
« scanresult_badcrc.ico »
« scanresult_notfound.ico »
« scanresult_game.ico »
– Support for custom background image and font for the left panel Same background image as games list and font is the same as parent games font
– New options for MAME 0.122 in MAME settings screen
– Custom width for the left panel is now saved in « EmuLoader.ini »
– New folder « font_ttf » with some custom fonts used by the front-end, in case you don’t have them
– New feature: « Scan Results » (games popup menu)
– Every time you scan the games list, files are created or updated in a new folder: « [frontend]arcadescan_results ». Each system have a file with the « .miss » extension, except for « ZiNc » and « Daphne » systems (no support for these 2). Only games that have missing ROMs/CHD are added
– There are 2 options for this feature:
1. Selected Game (« Shift+A » hotkey) -> view the results of a single game
2. All Missing Games (« F8 » hotkey) -> view the results of all missing games for all systems

– At least one ROM or CHD file must be found for each game or it will not be added in the list
– Green status is for « Ok » ROMs/CHD files
– Red status is for « bad checksum » and is for CHD files only (no ROMs)
– Gray status is for « missing » ROMs/CHD files
– If you download a new .zip file you must re-scan the games list since this feature does not do any scanning, it only read « system_name.miss » files

Télécharger Emuloader v8.5.3 (9,7 Mo)

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