Nouvelle version béta de l’excellent émulateur de Commodore (encore!!) Amiga.

– sprites outside bitplane area (AGA feature) was not working in all bitplane/sprite resolution combinations (broke when shres was added)
– relaxed Z3/RTG max RAM limits slightly (NOTE: it is 100% your problem if you select too much RAM resulting in massive paging and hd trashing)
– systray icon was not always removed
– fullscreen mode fallback fixes (145b18)
– do not flush directory filesystem cache if ACTION_MORE_CACHE is called with dp_Arg == 0, return current number of buffers only
– ports-panel joystick/mouse friendly/guid name saved to config file, no more changed selected devices if you save config, exit WinUAE, insert or remove some input device(s) and then reload the config

– joystick/mouse autoselection, input compatibility mode: Press any unselected joystick’s button 0 to « insert » it in Amiga port 1 (joystick port) and button 1 to « insert » it in port 0 (mouse port). Same with any unselected mouse except left mouse button = port 0 (mouse port) and right mouse button = port 1 (joystick port).

– joystick/mouse autoselection, input configuration mode, differences compared to compatibility mode:
* because you can have mappings to multiple ports, device’s first port related mapping in input-panel is decided as the only port number when doing remappings. When switching, only mappings that have same port number are remapped to new port. Old mappings that already have new port number will be remapped to old port number. Other mappings are not changed.
* all other devices that are mapped to same port as new device will be disabled
* only devices that are disabled (checkbox on right side of device name is not ticked) are available for autoselection
* mouse switching is disabled if there are any « supermouse » mice enabled (Windows mouse etc..) because it would cause total confusion. Rawmouse or catweasel mouse are « safe ».

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