Fuse (Free Unix Spectrum Emulator) est un émulateur tournant à l’origine sous Unix. Plusieurs portages ont été fait dont celui pour Windows. Les systèmes 16K, 48K, 128K, +2, +2A, +3, +3e, SE, TC2048, TC2068, TS2068, Pentagon 128 et Scorpion ZS 256 sont émulés.

* New features:
* Add +D disk interface support (Stuart Brady).
* New floppy disk controller emulation for +D and Beta disk
interface emulation (Gergely Szasz and Stuart Brady).
* Add Pentagon 512 and Pentagon 1024 emulation (Q-Master).
* Add Hi-Fi beeper for improved reproduction of multi-channel beeper
tunes (e.g. Fairlight 2, Wham – the Music Box) (Fredrick Meunier).
* Add support for saving tape images without using tape traps
(Fredrick Meunier).
* Add support for loading from WAV tape images (Fredrick Meunier).
* Add support for saving CSW tape images and TZX direct recording
blocks (Fredrick Meunier).
* Allow distinction between « soft » resets (activating the reset line
on the Z80) and « hard » resets (pulling the power) (Philip Kendall).
* New ALSA sound driver (Gergely Szasz).
* AmigaOS support (Chris Young).
* MorphOS support (Q-Master).

* Emulation core improvements:
* Fix contention for LD?R, CP?R and IN?R (Philip Kendall; thanks,
Mark Woodmass).
* Fix undocumented flags after BIT n,(IX+d) instructions (Philip
* Fix undocumented behaviour of DAA (Stuart Brady).
* High ports (0xc000 to 0xffff) are contended on the 128K when a
contended RAM page is paged in (Philip Kendall; thanks, Patrik
* Correct contention for the +2A/+3 ULA (Philip Kendall).

* Machine specific improvements:
* Fix joystick port mask on TC2048 (Fredrick Meunier)
* Improved keyboard handling for 128K / +3 machines (Philip Kendall).
* Improved contention for TC2048 and TC2068 machines (Fredrick
Meunier; thanks, Mark Woodmass).

* Miscellaneous:
* Emulation speed no longer artificially limited to 999% (Stuart
* Much improved debugger for the widget UIs (Darren Salt).
* Timed breakpoints now work in the debugger (Philip Kendall).
* Keys now repeat in the widget fileselector (Fredrick Meunier;
thanks, Cygnus).
* Removed the GTK+ 1.x UI (please note that GTK+ 2.x will remain
supported for the foreseeable future) (Philip Kendall).
* GTK+ UI now uses the GTK+ 2.x style file selectors (Philip
* More informative error messages when ejecting disks (Stuart
* Ejecting Microdrive cartridges now checks for changes and doesn’t
automatically overwrite the original file (Stuart Brady).
* Snapshots can no longer cause the profiler to assert (Philip
Kendall; thanks, Stuart Brady).
* DivIDE could page itself in incorrectly after a reset (Stuart
* Stop invalid input causing segfault in GTK+ ‘Load Binary Chunk’
dialog, and allow a length of 65536 to be used (Stuart Brady).
* Enable Fuse to build in directories other than the source
directory itself (Philip Kendall).
* ‘make clean’ now cleans generated files (Philip Kendall).
* Update +3e ROMs to v1.31 (Fredrick Meunier; thanks, Garry
* Updated X11 UI (Gergely Szasz).
* Updated Win32 UI (Stuart Brady).
* Man page fixes (Stuart Brady).

* Various other minor bugfixes.

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