Un plugin destiné au son dans les émulateurs de PS2. Créé par GiGaHeRz.

[-] completely removed the remains of the « async mixer » mode. It was meaningless without threading, and didn’t work.
[*] Fixed the waveOut output module.
[*] Fixed a bug where the ASIO output system was using the defaulf ASIO device sample rate,
regardless of the config value.
[*] Changed the min. buffer size allowed in the config dialog to 512 isntead of 2400.
NOTE 1: Sizes too small can increase the CPU usage and might cause audio problems.
NOTE 2: FMOD and waveOut have this limit increased to 2048.
[*] Changed some code handling voice looping. I don’t know if it will fix or break anything.
[+] Added partial support for log levels to the register logging system, to remove the basic
channel attributes from the log files (makes logs more readable and less bloated).
[+] Added experimental XAudio2 output module. Seems to sound well.
[+] Added a hidden option to change the AutoDMA sample rate for each core.
Useful only in some games where the FMVs hang.
[+] Added a check to the Effects processor to avoid crashes when the effects start address is
after the effects end address.
[+] Added /delayload:fmod.dll switch to the linker, so the fmod dll is only needed while
using the fmod output module.

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